VertexBuffer.SetDataInternal method throws exception

With the latest development code, an “ArgumentException” is being throwing in the VertexBuffer.SetDataInternal method. Specifically, the “Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(T))” method is throwing the exception. The error is “The specified Type must not be a generic type definition. Parameter name: t”.

I am using .net 4.0 on the windows build.

Below is the type that I am using when attempting to set the vertex data.

    public struct VertexMultitextured
        public Vector3 Position;
        public Vector3 Normal;
        public Vector2 TextureCoordinate;

        public static int SizeInBytes = (3 + 3 + 2) * sizeof(float);
        public static VertexElement[] VertexElements = new VertexElement[]
            new VertexElement(  0, VertexElementFormat.Vector3, VertexElementUsage.Position, 0 ),
            new VertexElement(  sizeof(float) * 3, VertexElementFormat.Vector3, VertexElementUsage.Normal, 0 ),
            new VertexElement(  sizeof(float) * 6, VertexElementFormat.Vector2, VertexElementUsage.TextureCoordinate, 0 ),