Viewport setting (X, Y) does not work while rendering using RenderTarget

  • I do not see it in poor English. (I am Japanese)

I draw one by using RenderTarget, and finally do PostEffect processing.
I thought about splitting the screen for multiplayer,
When changing the viewport and drawing it,
Viewport.X and Viewport.Y
It does not work.
(The drawing start position does not change)

Viewport.Width and Viewport.Height It seems to be working.

So, drawing of multiple screens is done from X = 0, Y = 0.
Is there a solution?

  • I tried it with the test code, but the screen splitting process that ran out of RenderTarget has no problem.

----- in Japanese
RenderTarget を1枚使い、それに描画して、最終的にPostEffect処理をしています。
Viewport.X とViewport.Y
Viewport.Width とViewport.Height
ですので、複数画面の描画が全て、X=0,Y=0 から行われてしまいます。


You can use this to help with language translations.


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He basically wants to create multiple split screen cameras with post draw effects… for multiplayer

彼は基本的にポストドロー効果を持つ複数の分割画面のカメラを作成したい… マルチプレイヤー用


Thanks for the reply, of course I am using it.