Visual Studio compatibility

When setting up monogame, I was only able to set it up properly with VS 2015 and VS2013.
Was this user error on my part, or does VS2017 work?
Also I would love to see support for VS2019!

no problem with VS2017 (Win10-64) for me. Haven’t tried '19

Been working with MG exclusively on VS2017. Had no problems with it.

I made an explainer not too long ago:

Should you want to get using VS19.

That is a clever solution!

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As a bit of a Visual Studio noob, I suppose i might not have been able to find the VS2017 MonoGame templates. I installed the templates for all the supported versions but I didn’t see it in VS2017. I’ve really only used Visual Studio as a text editor for Unity Scripts, I’m not too familiar to it’s full functionality.

I tried that out, but I got an error when creating the project:

This guide I wrote, may help you there:


I think you are missing the SDK