What is the best way to reduce tearing? (at Fullscreen, with vsyc on)

Hi, I did some basic 2d project with some tiles/sprites on screen. You can move around (in 2D). If you do so there is some tearing at 60fps. It looks like this:

You can’t see it anymore with a fps over 200. But that can’t be the solution. What is the best way to reduce this effect?

maybe copy the data to an alternating destination?

Just turn on vsyc as its the only way to get rid of tearing

I only get tearing if I turn vsyc on!
If I turn it off, it runs at 1800fps without any visable tearing.

(or is vsyc != SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace ?)

SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace will limit it to 60fps or whatever your mointer supports

So what is the proper way to do vsyc?

I may add this: the tearing is only at fullscreen