What should the settings for my content be?

I keep getting the error “could not load monstersbtn asset as a non-content file!” on iOS. My xnb is loaded by Android without any trouble. I’ve set the build action to Content. I’ve tried both Do Not Copy and Copy if Newer in the Copy to Output Directory setting. Is there any special setting I need to load content on an iOS device?

Thank you.


Edit: I’ve told it to build iOS and set the Texture Format to PVRTCFourBitsPerPixel, changed the Content Processor to MonoGame Texture, and changed the image size to 512x512. No luck.

Edit2: I attempted to step into the code to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, when I run the project with the monogame source code, it crashes on initialization of the graphics device, when it tries to get DefaultAdapter. :frowning:

Solution: Android has them in Assets\Content, while iOS just has them in Content.

nont content file

Texture2D content

// loadcontent

content = Content.Load(“content”);

alright make sure that the content is a supported format
make sure it’s in the right folder and if its in a folder do this

content = Content.Load(“filename/content”);

and so on and so forth