Which Windows Platform Is The 'Best'?

OK, I know that’s probably a leading question.

I have been using the OpenGL platform (still on 3.6) which is working fine for me in every respect except that it does not seem to play nice with OBS as I outline in this thread. This is a big problem for me as it really hampers the marketing of the game.

So, when I update to 3.8 I am considering switching the target platform for Windows to either DirectX or UWP and I was wondering what the particular benefits/downsides were to either of these?

I am from a MacOS background so you can pretty much assume I know nothing (though I do know just enough to develop and ship a game on Windows using the DesktopGL platform)! :grin:


DirectX has been around roughly forever. I’ve watched UWP for some time. I like the idea, and there are some design points about UWP that I think were well done, especially as we more to high DPI monitors as the standard. However, UWP always seems to be on the verge of being adopted, so I’ve never really brought myself to trust it.

That may well be unfair. After all, if there are a bunch of people with my opinion, then that would explain why it hasn’t been as enthusiastically embraced as it might have been. I still like the idea, I just feel that DirectX has the track record.

Just my opinion, though. It’s mighty hard to predict the future in computers. It’s hard enough trying to predict the past.