MonoGame + OBS = Weird Behaviour


I’m still on 3.6 so the answer to this question could well be ‘Just update, already’ but… I had a game to launch! I plan on updating my projects to 3.8 in the not-too-distant future.

But for now - I am seeing strange issues when certain people try to stream and/or record my game via OBS on Windows. The game itself is (apparently) running fine but what OBS ‘sees’ freezes certain portions of the display at certain points and sometimes doesn’t draw parts of the display at all. I’m using the DesktopGL framework.

You can see in around 1:09 in this stream where the menu leaves trails as if the buffer isn’t getting redrawn, or at about 5:40 where the gameplay freezes but the scanner is still updating (and the streamer is clearly unaware of the freeze).

I wondered if anyone had any idea what might be going on here!?

Seems to be an issue with OBS in general?


This post might help you understand it better:

Thanks for that - it’s a bit low level for my understanding tbh but it does seem to tally with what I’m seeing, almost as if OBS is grabbing the framebuffer in a half-rendered state or something.

So - and maybe this should be the subject of another post - when I switch to 3.8 would it be advisable to switch to the DirectX or UWP build for Windows do you think? Streaming is an important way of getting the word out about the game and it would be great to have it playing nice with OBS for streamers.

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I’ve had problems with MonoGame 3.8 + OBS. It does have something to do with the state OBS is in. If it is maximized I have more problems than if it is minimized or a smaller sized window. I haven’t tested with DirectX or UWP at this time to see if it makes a difference. Reducing the frame rate in OBS seems to make a difference.


Thanks - sorry for delayed reply! It’s comforting in a way to know that someone else is having issues but still, it’s annoying that the game is not getting shown off well in streams and that this issue will probably put off streamers covering it.

I guess I will try UWP or DirectX when I update to 3.8. TBH I am a bit confused by all these alternate Windows platforms (coming from a MacOS background) but that’s a subject for another thread…

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UWP = Desktop [Traditional App]…
DirectX = Modern App Store thing…

[Yes, I could not resist the opportunity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:]

Maybe you can refer to this overview, which has listed many common issues and their solutions as well: Wiki - OBS Studio Overview | OBS

But if you are looking for an alternative, maybe you can give another screen recording software called Joyoshare VidiKit a shot. It is able to record videos in high quality with no latency and time limit.