Will MonoGame support tvOS ?

Well, this is my first post, so let me introduce myself to you shortly.
I’m a .Net and iOS developer and have started learning MonoGame some weeks ago.
I’m currently developing a 2D-Space-Shooter which I’d like to port to the newly announced tvOS by Apple.

So my question is. Will MonoGame support tvOS in the short term or should I port my game to SpriteKit?
I’m hoping a dev can answer this question.



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[quote=“meteoralabs, post:1, topic:6315”]
Will MonoGame support tvOS in the short term
[/quote]It is basically an iOS device with a remote controller and optional game controller. Graphics, audio, media, content pipeline should all work as normal. The only part of MonoGame that would need updating is handling the input. To support that, someone would need to get an Apple TV device and add the support for the remote and game controller. The game controller is optional for games, but support for the remote is required. The remote has a touch surface at the top that can be used to simulate a d-pad.

Apple TV also has no local storage for apps. All save games must use iCloud, so MonoGame’s StorageDevice support will not be usable.

App packages are limited to 200MB. Extra data must be streamed from the App Store servers.

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To put an answer to this… Almost definitely :slight_smile: (Although it may need your help to do so!)

Yes I was able to port my IOS game over to Apple TV thanks to the Monogame Framework - The issue I’m having is input… So far you need UIView/storyboard to detect input from the remote.

tvOS support was merged into develop a few weeks ago. We can’t currently provide binaries because we would need to upgrade the build bot to an experimental Xamarin release of iOS.

Some platform specific notes have been added http://www.monogame.net/documentation/?page=tvOS