Working 3D Skinned Animation Library?

Has anyone successfully ported any of the Animation libraries over to monogame? I feel like i get so far into porting one, and then run into runtime errors that are frustrating me. Seems like it might be an issue with the fbx importer itself? Information on this seems hard to consolidate.

I really would like some sort of guide for this myself, or at least a little instruction

The closest I got was with Microsoft’s sample with the walking guy, it throws me an error saying ‘XML element “B” not found in file head.tga’

head.tga is one of the texture files…

To make the thing compile and not have the two different Matrix classes clash with eachother, I setup functions to turn them into simple float arrays for passing them out of the pipeline. I switch them back on the otherside. Clearly I am missing something about how this works, because now I have an XML error with a texture file