XamStudio: how to include and reference Monogame as project?

I am having problems with including the MonoGame Framework csproj in my Xamarin Studio iOS solution and referencing it directly. When I change a class in MonoGame, the change isn’t reflected in what my referencing app sees.

How can I ensure that my app is referencing the MonoGame project as modifiable and debuggable source code, rather than somehow grabbing a wrong or old DLL instance?

I think I found it. Looks like the MonoGame binaries were coming in through the “packages.config” file and “packages” subfolder of my app’s source.

To perform a “complete exorcism” of the package reference, I had to edit my app’s csproj in a text editor, search for the package reference, and delete that line. Now it is successfully building against the MonoGame.Framework project included in the solution as source code.