Drawing FBX files from Blender

I’ve put up a quick walkthrough of how to convert models from Blender into a form usable with MonoGame’s new Pipeline tool. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested here:

The TL;DR is:

  • In Blender, Export->FBX.
  • Use Autodesk’s FBX Converter tool to convert the FBX file from Blender to FBX version 2013.
  • Add the udpated FBX to your MonoGame content project, and proceed as usual.

Below is the original post content - the process outlined above should be used in place of the below process if you’re wanting to use the new Pipeline GUI tool.

Noting this here in case it either helps someone else, it’s a bug, or someone knows of a better solution.

I’ve been working on a game in MonoGame recently, and had some issues getting FBX files exported from Blender to display correctly in my game. MonoGame would load the Models without throwing any exceptions, but nothing would appear on-screen when the Model was drawn. The below steps are how I fixed this problem:
1) Exporting the model.
In Blender, when you export the model, make sure to do this: File->Export->FBX. Under the “Export FBX” pane, make sure to select “FBX 6.1 ASCII”. Then export the file as usual.
2) Adding the model to your project.
In Visual Studio, go to your MonoGame Content project and Add->Existing Item the FBX file that was just exported.

After doing the above steps, Models should now be viewable in MonoGame.

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can you please see this Can't Load .fbx from blender to monogame correctly i am having a problem and i am following your tutorial as well, in your video you said binary 7.4 but it is “FBX 6.1 ASCII” ?