First 3D Game with Monogame, help with Skinned effect

Hi everyone,

My name is Lionel, a 3d game developper student.
I just complete my first project with Monogame, it’s a 3D shooter.
it was pretty hard for me because it was my first experience my matrices. to handle rotation and movement of the meshes. Previously I worked with Unity.

I’ll definitely appreciate some feedback from you guys and you can vote for me if you like it.
It’s here

I also would like to ask you about skinned effect, I’m pretty new to visual studio and I have some trouble to install library i found (skinned samples 4.0 or betterskinned) into visual studio. Some help would be great too.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/51d28dd9dd1fb21aadebe7fc199223428063c4ca.gif" width=“500” height="30>

Thx. Lionel

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Why don’t you explain what kind of trouble you have exactly? That’s vital information for anybody trying to help.

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hi markus, I simply can not import skinned sample because it’s a xna project and it needs migration, and i don’t know how to do it.

And for better skinned it works when i open the sln but i need to implement into a new project and i don’t know how.

Easiest way to migrate is to create a new MonoGame project and copy over the source files and content, then add the content to the Content.mgcb file of your new project.

Hi Jjagg,
When I tried to import Skinned_samples source to a new project by copying files to folder project, visual studio seems to not recognise them. I tried with add-> existing item I can not pick an entire folder.

Hi, I’installed skinned samples 4.0 library following this method,

next I convert fbx dude to 2013. Then I recreate a projet import with content pipeline and Skinned processor.

And I have this error

I have also import files from skinned pipeline here

Any help ?

While I’m not 100% sure this is the case, I would strongly recommend against converting .fbx files to newer formats.

I’ve been using Skinned models with MonoGame for a while now, and though I haven’t encountered this specific error, any amount of minor issues when I export (textures missing, a vertex not being skinned, etc.) will cause a crash. It’s possible that converting your model “to 2013” has caused on of these errors to manifest.

My advice would be to re-export your current model into a fresh .fbx without conversion.

Hi Milun,
the content pipeline force me to convert to newer fbx version (2011,2012,2013) because the original dude.fbx is version 6 (incompatible with this version of pipeline content)
Perhaps, skinned sample Pipeline is design for earlier version of fbx, so i’m stuck with that :confused:

I have to try another model processor , maybe better skinned.

A lot of models are out of date concerning the FBX format: I almost had to convert 70% of them, coming from XNA times.
The convertion fails to recreate the textures’ relative path and puts an absolute on (or did I miss an option ?) so it’s a real pain with a lot of models (57 for me…)

FBX converter may not be the best app to update the format concerning animated models. Maybe doing an import into blender and exporting it again would be better.

About new and cool models , you can find them on Mixamo web site … and it’s free … as I do , very happy