[FIXED] Can't find my referenced processors?

I was trying to test out the steps listed in the following thread:

The OP, ChrisKrazy, uploaded updated files for .NET 6.0.

The DLLs in the ResultantDLLs folder contain processors. I’m interested in the CpuAnimatedModelProcessor in the AnimationImporters DLL.

I have added references to all of these DLLs in both my project, and in the Content references. But when I click on my FBX file and click the model drop-down, I don’t see any new processors - only the default ones.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m completely stuck at the moment. Thanks!

EDIT: I installed an old version of MGCB as a global tool and it was loading the old version which didn’t work. By right-clicking Content from Solution Explorer and selecting Open With… and selecting the MGCB Editor at the top, the processors shows up.