I made a guide to setting up 3D Animations with Aether.Extras

I put together a video showing how to use @nkast’s Aether.Extras to get animated 3D Models into your project.
Setting Up Aether.Extras in MonoGame for 3D Animation

I also made a video showing how I made and animated the model (in Blender), so if your model doesn’t work with it, you can see the process I used and compare it to your own.
Building an Animated 3D Snowman for MonoGame in Blender 2.8

I spent quite a long time trying to figure out how to get 3D animation working in MonoGame and I went down several rabbit holes that never lead me anywhere along the way. Since it took me so long, I thought I would share what finally worked for me, and try to present it in a way that could help even beginners in MonoGame.

Please point out any mistakes I made, or if you notice something I could have done better during the setup process!

Hopefully this helps!