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In case anybody was worried, err… I am safe, I live near and passed by the area in Manchester yesterday…


I hope nobody else from this community was affected in any way either…

Don’t get me started on that subject… :smile:

I have been through three major eras in the software engineering field and as it regards the business side of things, this current phase is the worst I have seen. Everyone has made everything so complex only to produce the same things we were producing with better tools years ago…

Didn’t even occur to me that you getting harmed was a possibility… You know. That kind of thing only happens to people you don’t know… Until that changes…

Very glad to hear you’re save.

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WOW has it been that long?

I am [sort of] back!

Hope all are well here…

I will have some help requests soon… just catching up on another 180 new posts… might not manage them all today but I noticed having serious issues with the default templates that come with the VS templates installer… I believe my original projects may be working fine but I need to move them over from my old system first… still in transition period…

Anyway, glad to see the community as lively as ever :slight_smile:

I had my up… downs all year long, but things are on the up now hopefully :slight_smile:

This is funny. Would it still work nowadays to publish on apple/windows/etc marketplaces?


I like the idea and would definitely implement such a process, or reload the actual last stored data with a funny message on reload :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I get some feedback on this? bear in mind I realised I forgot to mention that the entire image represents the display screen and also I had not had any caffeine yet when I made it :stuck_out_tongue:




I create 4K images now as my main display is a 4K monitor…


I still have 54 new posts to read through to catch up and get back into my web studies, what a cracking crazy year this has been… for me.


I started a new series of thought images…

Sparked by this thread [Though I had the idea before, I mean this made me make the first one]


How not to design a game:

@KonajuGames Are the Visual Studio Templates for MG on Windows 10 Universal fixed or will I still get errors? wishing to restart my studies but unable to get new projects off the ground, and no I am not yet adept with use of GitHub so I have to wait for each release…

Thanks in advance.

Side note: Existing projects of mine before this year came along, work just fine… they were begun on VS15CE…


I believe I saw a thread on these forums that provides a link discussing this. I am assuming you are referring to development for UWP…

Are you talking about my posts on the subject? :stuck_out_tongue: that no longer works…


Must have made a mistake as I looked up all the threads for UWP and didn’t find what I thought I had seen earlier…


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Sorry, just re-read your post, yes UWP Windows 10

Watch now: Windows Developer Day—Fall Creators Update keynote



I really want to see MonoGame on those lists…


I thought this channel may be useful to some users here:


I noticed it is mainly an advertising channel for the official site they run but still, you get a lot of ideas from the short clips, so, worth a watch, I learned some neat tricks already…

But there are gems such as this one:

I have been thinking for some time now to create a thread based solely on the conversion of Mathematics equations to Programming code, some of these will be given a graphical drawing by myself or anyone willing to put the time together for them… the aim of this thread would be to simplify the conversion for both beginners in coding and coders in general as sometimes it is nigh impossible to discern what is what and sometimes both structure and what should actually be done and in what order…

And yes the idea was to help myself mainly but I saw the use of a dedicated thread being useful for all, eventually I or anybody else could compile it all into a PDF every so often, say: by years sorted into subject matter i.e. Code for Networking, code for Physics, code for Graphics and so on… I don’t mind compiling it as we go along and at the end of the year publish a downloadable PDF in an organised linked index presentable format which can then be used in schools either digitally or printed out… just some thoughts and also contributors would have their desired references included; this could be the thread post on the forum link or their twitter handle or their email, entirely optional [though I think the thread post would be a good default].

Also I would manage the top post to link to contribution entries on the thread in subject matter grouping… so it would help if a format was used to post a contribution… kind of like being an academic paper only, more fun! something like:

Example: Character Controller, PHYSICS

Possibly ideal if an image that embeds into the forum but high resolution and clear so it can be printed, I may recreate all images to have a set format for visual representation

Example: Creates a character controller which allows control of a player character in your game and includes collision detection and height adjustment for crouching

Preferably in C#, optional to include other variants such as VB on top of C#



Example: Contributed by: Vaseem Valentine | Tweet: @VaseemValentine | Web: vaseemvalentine.com | Forum Thread Post here

This would also be a great way to spread the message of MonoGame too! double, NO; triple, NO; Infinite! BONUS! [Yes MonoGame makes me feel young inside!]

Also Users can post code they wish to be converted and someone can help convert it as above

My note on the idea:

Maths code thread idea for networking/physics and general equations converting maths equations to code…

The Math Guild [Thread Title]

The thread title can be debated here maybe… before it goes up, though I would like to launch it…

So, what say thee? should I go ahead and make it happen?

Also @Tom any chance you could look into my forum err privileges; I am unable to edit my thread titles…

Side Note: I just realised I can drag the comment box up [divider]…

I found myself in a situation where I needed to use GitHub to collaborate, just wanted to thank the members on here that helped me familiarise with it.

Thank You.

Aw :frowning:

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Happy New Cycle everyone, may 2018 bring the greatest and most amazing challenges for us all…


Has anybody started a new project lately? can you post some links here for inspiration for others [and me]…

Currently rebuilding my life bit by bit and my house too… cannot wait to get back into coding… think about it each day…

Happy Coding All!

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