good Skinned Model example?

I’m looking for a good, up-to-date tutorial or example for skinned model animation (how to write a custom pipeline for a skinned model, using the skinned effect, etc…)

I found this one but its from 2007 and I think pretty outdated…

Anyone got any good new tutorial or working example? Or should I use the example above and hope for the best?


I’ll check it out, thanks!

Plus a library from nkast

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Let us know if this is a good sample! Yesterday I was just able to post the link before I fell asleep ^^
I wanted to look at the sample myself since weeks or month but I have been busy with all kind of stuff.

Thanks @kosmonautgames, @nkast code was perfect!

@Kwyrky I ended up using the code from nkast so I don’t know about the example you posted… Thanks anyway :slight_smile: