🧷 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen - Awful News For You All

The bad news, I am back, the good news, err, I am back!? :confused:

So, after a much demanded hiatus, I finally got new eyes :sunglasses: and can finally get back to coding once more and actually get something done, now that the house is in order too… well, almost.

And for the first thing to report on, I can confirm my VS17->VS19 Guide [ MonoGame 3.7.1 and Visual Studio 2019 Release ] is still functional and only a minor adjustment is needed for it, Just scroll further down for the Older Versions link button. I have only 213 posts to catch up on too, but will refrain from bumping any of them, instead maybe just reply to them in here for a while? shall see… perhaps a desperation of support required chart might do it.

In other non forum related news, I have begun writing like a nutter as well in that universe we call books. Perhaps a MonoGame book might be demanded? Who knows!

That said… glad to be back!

I do hope to be more helpful in here over the coming months, and look forward to seeing both familiar and fresh faces alike, do say hello!






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Hi Rei, and a belated welcome to the forums to you, thank you for dropping by!

welcome back mr v.

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Thank you! Good to see you about again.

Hi all, thought this may be the most appropriate thread to post this update in.

I am just passing by adding Sprite Fonts in @AdamDawes575 's book, and though I feel apprehensive about the future of MonoGame and this NuGET thing, I hope the transition is smooth.

Chapter 3 is at the 71st page mark, where the Game Engine or Framework aspects start to take hold.

I am hoping to showcase videos of progress as I go along, naturally using my own assets, but just want to show, you can learn a lot from these books, the reason I am using this book is because I am content with the UWP platform for the time being, it is in need of something spicy on the store.

My current progress is roughly 15-25 pages per day, battling health issues as I go along. This seems to be a recurring theme with us Game Devs…. as such I have allowed myself until January 1st to complete this book.

I also purchased an up to date book on C# and .NET or a few to be honest… always useful to learn new stuff, I also came across a section in one of them dealing with SQL-Lite, so, perhaps I can make a guide showing how one might use it in their projects, depends entirely on that books content as to whether I succeed or not really.

If some beginners are reading this, look at my other topics, click my username or hover and fish about for my other topics, especially my Road To MonoGame thread.

I will be writing a new thread on my current progress soon.

Thanks for reading. :pray:

Valentine out.

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