How to change the Monogame default IOS splash screen to my own?

I know this seems like an obvious question, but I didn’t manage to find any adequate answers for it in the net.

My problem: When the game is run on my iPhone 7, there are black borders around the game screen.

Solution found on the net: Change your splash screen to one that has the same resolution as your iPhone 7

Question: How to change my splash screen in a Monogame 3.4, 3.5 or 3.6 IOS project? (I have Visual studio 2017)

Who said this?

The Apple iPhone 7 screen has a 4.7-inch size with a display resolution of 1334 × 750 px which is apparently 16:9 ratio, so, check your ratio scale and umm can you post a screenshot?

My ratio scale is not 16:9, but my question still remains the same:

How do I change the current Default.png picture to an image with a 16:9 ratio?

Did you not read it all?

Or u can render an image with a scale that matches the screensize.

Apologies for that…

What do you want to see on the screenshot? (If you want to see a picture with the black borders, I can’t post it right now, but here is a [similar question] (Border around app) with a screenshot)

It’s just your issue is not clear, AROUND means ALL EDGES, but do you mean letterboxing or ALL EDGES? is it the zoom factor issue such as when an iPhone app is run on an iPad?

This is why I asked if you can post a screenshot [or even a photo of your device] so that others can assist better.

Hey I ran into this same issue… I fixed it by creating a LaunchScreen storyboard following these directions:

You can use the launch screen I created:

  1. Download the LaunchScreen.storyboard file
  2. In the visual studio Solution Explorer, right click your iOS project and “Add Item”
  3. navigate to the downloaded file and add it
  4. open info.plist and navigate to the Visual Assets tab
  5. select the LaunchScreen from the pull-down menu
  6. save everything, run the app, it should now display at the correct resolution

hope this helps, cheers!


This actually worked. Thanks a lot!