Issue with code not showing errors or classes.

Hello, I’m new here so I’m unsure if I’m even writing this in the right place.
However, I have an issue with my monogame project, where certain things do not work, such as Texture2D is no longer colored, its now white, just like content.Load, also, none of my errors display, they are neither showed in the errors tab at the bottom, nor are they highlighted in anyway, also, at the moment I have one error which is not displayed, it causes a build error, where it shows a failure but not an error.

Hi @Kuba_Sliwinski, Welcome to the Community!

See this last post here:

If you need more guidance, let me know.

EDIT No wait, I think I got your meaning now, I think this is related to the XML missing, will direct the person who’s guide I cannot find right now to this post.

EDIT Also, could you send a screenshot and which guide you are following to set up?

EDIT Found it:
How To Include Missing Intellesense in - General - Community | MonoGame

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Things like syntax highlighting and error highlighting are features of the IDE you’re using.

Im going to take a stab and guess you might be using VSCode? Either way, let us know which IDE you’re using and that can help narrow down the problem.

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Found the issue, really strange, the theme was set to custom, should be one of the premade ones, such as ‘dark’. Really weird but works!