Just successfully installed DigitalRune

Following the instructions here Anyone Succesfully Built DigitalRune Engine on MonoGame ? I have successfully installed DigitalRune-MonoGame-Windows on both my Windows10 and Windows7 desktop machines.

I must say that, after running through all the sample demos, I am VERY impressed. The documentation is excellent and the sample code is well commented. I am currently in the process of running through the main tutorial,and if all goes well this will be the target for my current MonoGame project The SciTech Playroom

Many of the features which are missing (or broken) in the current version of MonoGame can be found in DigitalRune and working perfectly! I fail to understand why more users have not latched on to this excellent professional engine. Even though it is no longer supported, the source code is all there to study and learn from.


My first task in familiarising myself with DigitalRune was to run through the one and only tutorial:
Tutorial 01
It was,in fact, very good and I was able to build a basic understanding of the engine’s features in 17 easy steps. However, it was in the final step that my progress slowed to a halt. Up until then the whole tutorial applied forward rendering to reach this result:

The final step 17 dealt with deferred rendering and then my woes began.No matter what I tried I just could not get the Ground, the Dude and the Crate to make an appearance.Only the Sky, Smoke,Bounding Boxes and GUI stuck around.

I was determined to get both the forward and deferred rendering features of the engine, so I took a different approach. The demos all worked perfectly on my machine, so taking their ‘SampleGame.cs’ as a basis I painstakingly built myself a Visual Studio project which I could use as a template for the development of my own projects.It was a frustrating exercise but it certainly helped me gain confidence in being able to use the full features of DigitalRune.

My running version of the SampleGame: