Monogame extension not installed correctly

So Ive just downloaded and setup the monogame templates through the visual studio extension manager and I think theres a bug.

The icons on the create new project screen arent showing. Screenshot attached. Any help appreciated, thanks.

I wrote a tutorial on creating a from scratch project, it’s for UWP, but will still help you for your platform of choice to an extent.

Take a look at my latest guide’s thread.

This may get fixed in a future update for MG.

Many thanks for your reply, will do that. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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where is your guide’s thread?

Hey @Pietro_Foresta, Welcome to the Community!

Hope it helps!

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I forgot it uses the latest post:


First post link:

Hey I have the same issue and I did not understand your fix solution. I modified vs community with SDK or something. I still can’t see any icons appearing like the screenshot above, however the template still works but I can’t for instance open the content pipeline which is vital obviously!

What is your setup?

Well now the content pipeline works thanks to installing it via CMD which is how you do it. The icons are still grey but my project seems to work fine so I’m not complaining. Should I be worried about the icons still being grey? Best regards, Fredrik

Who are you asking?