Monogame extension not installed correctly

So Ive just downloaded and setup the monogame templates through the visual studio extension manager and I think theres a bug.

The icons on the create new project screen arent showing. Screenshot attached. Any help appreciated, thanks.

I wrote a tutorial on creating a from scratch project, it’s for UWP, but will still help you for your platform of choice to an extent.

Take a look at my latest guide’s thread.

This may get fixed in a future update for MG.

Many thanks for your reply, will do that. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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where is your guide’s thread?

Hey @Pietro_Foresta, Welcome to the Community!

Hope it helps!

Happy Coding!


I forgot it uses the latest post:


First post link:

Hey I have the same issue and I did not understand your fix solution. I modified vs community with SDK or something. I still can’t see any icons appearing like the screenshot above, however the template still works but I can’t for instance open the content pipeline which is vital obviously!

What is your setup?