Phone music while app running

After deploying my puzzle app to iOS I noticed that if I launch it while I have some music going on, it would turn down the music. Meanwhile other puzzle games keep the music going. The app itself doesn’t play any music other than a few sound effects like button clicks. I am sure a lot of puzzle gamers play their games with their favorite music playing.
How do I fix this on iOS and possibly Android and WP?

This is does not affect WP, but it does affect iOS for sure. The problem is that as soon as we initialize OpenAL it stops background music. This has to be fixed on a low level, but I couldn’t come up with a fix. Probably someone who worked on the OpenAL could fix this.

I fixed it by adding the following lines at the start of ‘public override void FinishedLaunching (UIApplication app)’ in Main.cs [AppDelegate]

NSError audioError;
AVAudioSession.SharedInstance ().SetCategory(new NSString("AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient"), out audioError); 

I’ve added that to my game… I now get sound effects playing, but the background music still fades out when the game starts.

I’ve added it to mine and the music keeps playing but all sound effects are stopped now
even if nothings playing :frowning:

Now this is WEIRD
on my way home i had my bluetooth headphones on and i get music and my effects correctly
no headphones and i only get music - and even when i pause the music - no effects!!

ok with the latest monogame its working just as it should
if audio is playing it plays and sound effects work too

no idea why it went wrong yesterday (though that was with 3.2 rather than latest build)