SkinningSemple + MGCB.exe exited with code 1

Sorry for my English)):sweat_smile:
When I add SkinnedModelPipeline.dll as References from obj folder I had this problem

and when I add SkinnedModelPipeline.dll as References from bin folder I didn’t have problem in Pipeline Tool

but still have it in project

What is it connected with?
Can this be a problem with the .fbx model?
How can I solve this problem?


Why dont’ you use the reference in the bin folder ? Files in Obj are not intended to be used in production. As stated it is an intermediate folder. (a short explanation here:

But there can be a problem(s) with the fbx file.

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I’m sorry, but what does this mean?

I tried to follow the steps of this lesson

Now, my SkinnedModelPipeline project looks like this

and the main project looks like this

Maybe I did not understand something and did something wrong?