[Solved] BetterSkinned animation blending/transitions

I’m using a slightly tweaked version of the BetterSkinned code to play animation clips and it works fine but I’d like to blend/transition smoothly between them.

I’ve tried having it slerp/lerp between the rotation/translation of each BoneInfo object of the 2 clips then send the result to the assigned bone in the model but that just ends up a mess. I think I’m missnig something

This post http://community.monogame.net/t/better-skinned-3d-animations-monogame-port-completed/1606 has a guy who managed it fine but that was from 2014 and the example code no longer exists.

Has anyone managed it get blending/transitions to work and could help me?


I got this to work in the end. It was actually more of a bug with matching the bone in the animation I was transitioning from to the bone in the animation i was transitioning too.Along with a lot of fiddling around with making the player load an animation without immediately assigning the rotation/translations to the actual model’s bones.

Anyway if anyone is struggling to get slick animation transitions using some based on BetterSkinned working then I’m your guy.