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A useful hidden gem for my fellow UWP/XBOX devs:

Throwing a copy of a thread post from earlier tonight, relating to water:

Something that came up:

Another thing:

This was a fun accidental find: [Spanish]

Found via this video:

Search phrase:

Sadly this is a dead link:

Relating to FX searches:

Something interesting…:

Will add these links to my links thread… some interesting stuff there…

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Some helpful stuff for using markdown code bbcode stuff

Old but nice!

Links to a playlist.

While not MG related too much, has some useful camera related background and code…


Extremely useful!

Now, while not coding related, I did not want this getting lost in GCT…

Honestly, this is worth your time.

Handy 2D Character Rigging

20 Days!

Humble Book Bundle: Programming Fundamentals by Mercury (pay what you want and help charity) (humblebundle.com)

Something for all perhaps, well DX anyway…

I copied this from the CodePlex site, it was going down in 113 days as of posting this here.

This project migrated to GitHub - microsoft/DirectXTK: The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 11.x code in C++

DirectXTK is a shared source library of helpers for Direct3D 11 C++ applications.

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NEWS: This project is now hosted on GitHub GitHub - microsoft/DirectXTK: The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 11.x code in C++. DirectX Tool Kit for DirectX 12 is also on GitHub GitHub - microsoft/DirectXTK12: The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK12) is a collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 12 code in C++. Please move to using GitHub.

Project Description
The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 11.x code in C++.

Supported platforms:

  • Universal Windows Platform apps
  • Windows Store apps for Windows 8.1 / RT 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows desktop
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 with KB 971644
  • Windows Server equivalents of the above
  • Xbox One


  • Audio - low-level audio API using XAudio2
  • CommonStates - factory providing commonly used D3D state objects
  • DirectXHelpers - misc C++ helpers for D3D programming
  • DDSTextureLoader - light-weight DDS file texture loader
  • Effects - set of built-in shaders for common rendering tasks
  • GamePad - gamepad controller helper using XInput
  • GeometricPrimitive - draws basic shapes such as cubes and spheres
  • GraphicsMemory - helper for managing dynamic graphics memory allocation
  • Keyboard - keyboard state tracking helper
  • Model - draws meshes loaded from .CMO, .SDKMESH, or .VBO files
  • Mouse - mouse helper
  • PrimitiveBatch - simple and efficient way to draw user primitives
  • ScreenGrab - light-weight screen shot saver
  • SimpleMath - simplified C++ wrapper for DirectXMath
  • SpriteBatch - simple & efficient 2D sprite rendering
  • SpriteFont - bitmap based text rendering
  • VertexTypes - structures for commonly used vertex data formats
  • WICTextureLoader - WIC-based image file texture loader
  • XboxDDSTextureLoader - Xbox One exclusive apps variant of DDSTextureLoader



Oh, just noticed it was C++ specific, I wonder if we can still utilise it?


XNA | Catalin ZZ (catalinzima.com)

Asset Encryption & XNB Security (c-sharpcorner.com)

c# - Drawing 3D cubes with xna - Game Development Stack Exchange

Build Your First Game with MonoGame: Getting Started | Xamarin Blog (microsoft.com)

AlienScribble - YouTube

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c# - How to override maximum 32x32 mouse size in Windows like this program can - Stack Overflow

Not MG but useful for everyone I guess…

Sprite Sheet Packer - A free alternative to TexturePacker (codeandweb.com)

Unit Testing C# Code - Tutorial for Beginners (youtube.com)

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