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OOOH found another link in my favourites history

Go here

… and click where it says:

Change History (all pages)

… and scroll to the bottom and work your way up, clicking Page links each time, then hit the back button or BackSpace key on your keyboard to go back and click the next link! notice that some have further links such as the Documentation pages, some good gems in those pages! worth a read!

For example, check out this list of games:

Which features handy YouTube video links too! XNA related but still relevant

You can find some pages showing release history of various games too…

I highly recommend any serious coder who wants to utilise and learn how MonoGame has developed over the years to take a look!

Thanks for reading…

@kosmonautgames does it again

Saved here for its usefulness

useful 3d tutorials and resources

General resources for rendering, a lot of XNA tutorials (Samples included)

Good tutorials for deferred engines

All around super useful for beginners (Samples included)

Useful resources on Light Prepass (Samples included)

One of the best rendering engineers around, covers almost all relevant 3d techniques. A lot of older/basic stuff is done in XNA wiht sources included

A lot of links to XNA engines, helpers, sources etc.

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I was looking for this

@throbax 's list

Deserves its own post here.

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2D (Deferred) Lighting:

Originally found here:

A useful recent post regarding Lerping

@willmotil showed me this very useful link http://www.codinglabs.net/default.aspx though I suspect all the code is C++…

Had these on my mobile, about to do a refresh of it so posting these here as they may be useful too!


I particularly like this one:

Some may find this useful:

Ooooh Sorting Algorithms in C#.NET

In case not already here:


A .NET compatible Networking API

Just in case you miss it:

Demo Code
You can download a visual studio 2010 and 2012 solution containing a number of sample projects using MikeNet from here.

I have made a precompiled version with an installer which can quickly be integrated into your projects. The package includes:
C++ 32 bit and 64 bit debug and release libraries and pdb files for visual studio 2010 and 2012
C++ 32 bit release library and pdb file for visual studio 2008
.NET/CLR 32 bit and 64 bit DLL
Normal 32 bit and 64 bit DLL
Demo code
You can get it from here.

I wonder if this works in VS15CE? or VS17RC

Found this gem:

Shared Code Projects:

Found on that page:

On a related search:

That related search:


Boy, never click that button…

It takes you here [I am talking about the MonoGame Tag on the individual posts lol]:


Related to that thread with the YouTube banner:

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Useful for any newcomers to MonoGame and C#, more C# but then you need it for MG :slight_smile:


I thought I linked to this already:

XNA Colour list, found on a post by @kosmonautgames here:

Another fine contribution by @willmotil

Found here:

A topic on Video Game Law:

Adding this here:

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Something useful for newcomers

Found this today… looks to be an in-progress work, small posts but covers the essentials, somewhat…

Beginning MonoGame


-Why MonoGame?

-What do I need, and where do I get it?


-MonoGame project types explained.

-What’s in the starting project?

-The Game Loop

-Getting an image onscreen NEW

-Putting text onscreen NEW

-Listening for (and responding to) input

-Moving your images around

Added two new posts from this blog